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It has long been an astrological axiom that a planet in the birthchart conjunct the Ascendant influences a person's appearance. Is this true when Chiron is rising? Check out these photos of people born with Chiron close to the Ascendant, and tell me what you think.

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Here is a quick way to estimate where Chiron's position anytime between , as well as when it will be transiting into aspect with one's natal Chiron. Great tool for finding the approximate date of your Chiron Return see below. The Chiron Return is one of the most significant transits in one's life, happening to everyone around age But what will it mean for you?

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Chiron and Pluto were exactly conjunct on December 30, , marking the beginning of a new cycle, and helping to shape the 21st Century. Well, you should, because they are turning out to be major astrological influences. Have you heard about the other Centaurean bodies? There may be as many as Centaurs found so far.

How about Heracles or Damocles? These bodies are also proving to have astrological significance. Do any Centaurs share common traits? And even more intriguing, do any of them share traits with other bodies in our solar system? Ixion gets almost as close to us as Pluto - is there a connection?

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And what type of connection does Amycus have with Halley's Comet, since they both travel about as far out? Some I've come up with, but there are a great many contributed by other researchers. Would you like to share the keywords you have discovered for any of the Centaurs? Or suggest a name for any of the unnamed ones? I have some temporary symbols for some Centaurs, and other bodies, until official symbols are designated. Chiron, and at least one other Centaur, has an intimate relationship with the center of our galaxy I hope you'll read more about this.

Chiron and Chariklo were mates in mythology. It turns out that they have a very interesting relationship astrologically, as well.

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Read about what was set in motion the last time these two Centaurs were conjunct. Minor planet might be a Centaur, but if it is, it is a very unusual one. Find out about this huge minor planet, recently discovered, that was named after the mythological being that sired the Centaurs.

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All sextile Mercury. This is how I view life even when I am down I try to bring myself back up again. I laugh a lot when I speak..

Other than semi-sextiling my NN, quintiling my PoF and semi-squaring my sun. I have it on 9. Posts: From: N. It exactly opposes my Saturn And I think it may conjunct the Venus of a guy I'm going out on a date with tonight. Exact o degree 13 minutes trine with my Sun.

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Maybe that is why people often see me as warm and gentle despite my brooding Scorpio rising look IP: Logged. It's conjunct my ascendant and Jupiter in my first house. Seems pretty lucky to me! Can you relate? Go For it. It is Free, of course. The air again gains significance with these creatures.

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The scent of wine travelling through the air causes a major Centaur incident, as did words traversing the air. Similarly, myths involving the contamination of water exist. Overall, an environmental impact begins to form in Centaurian symbolism. Can the emphasis of the bull - money, real estate, greed - be tamed? Can the animal instincts alive in human nature be controlled?

I hope you enjoy working with these ancient symbols in your own chart. Asbolus had a vision about the massacre of the centaurs and tried to warn everyone; no one listened.

Negative associations include: reckless regard for reputation, lack of integrity, impulsiveness.